Our garden is underway

our garden_ before

A panoramic view of our garden before we started


Hi All

We have set up this blog so you can keep up with the goings on at the Te Atatu Peninsula community Garden.

Please bear with us as we come to grips with word press.

The Te Atatu Peninsula community Garden has been set up to encourage sharing of gardening skills and produce within our community.

We are aiming to make the garden a fun place to meet, share and learn.

Where are we?

We are located behind the Te Atatu Peninsula Community Constables station at 492 Te Atatu Rd, Waitakere city.

Whats happened so far?


Last Sunday (14 Jun 09) we cleaned up part of the back yard and made a good sized compost pile. Sounds a little boring, but it had to be done.

We used the pile of lawn clippings left by the lawn mower guy, wood shavings supplied by Brooke and other garden waste by Sylvia. The “bin” was made using stacked up bamboo we chopped down from the bamboo forest we have in the corner of the section.

Today (21 Jun 09) we dug the first garden bed, and planted our first veges… Leeks. From humble beginnings…

Of course we would all like nice raised beds with lovely edging, but as we have no money, we just turned over the grass, and planted straight into the amazing soil we have here on the Peninsula.

Whats next…

We have kindly been given the use of a chunk of land at the back of the Police station, so the plan is to make another eight beds over the coming months.

During the first week of July we will be meeting in the Community Police Station. Some of the items for discussion are:

1. Let every one know what the plan is for the garden
2. Get some feed back from the community as to what they want.
3. Figure out what our priorities are.
4. See what options we have for funding (if we want to go down that path)

Notices for the meeting will be sent out next week.

Please let your friends know about the garden, any help would be appreciated.


Thanks to our Community Constable Fagaesea Siaki for the access to his back yard. Roi Stephens for talking Faga into it (and bringing her son to help on the first day), Brooke from Eco Matters for the support, and the other start up members of the team, Sylvia Shopland, Silke Sigley & Max Sigley.


Lee Sigley



One Response to “Our garden is underway”

  1. irene kwik Says:

    thanks LEE,
    very interesting to know your dedicated activities.
    I am interested to come and will enjoy to see the progress. at the moment
    that is what I can do due my broken arm.
    I am interested to learn how to set up a beehive.

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