It was wet, but we made progress

Yummy herbs

Yummy herbs

mmm… strawberries

A hardy few braved the wet, yet warm, day today to get the strawberry patch prepared and the strawberry plants in.

Silke, Roi, Rob and myself spent about an hour, digging, manuring and planting the strawberries along the side of the shed, and in the end of the first bed. We got about 30 plants in, and are now looking forward to the summer fruits.

Silke also got the herb garden started with mint, coriander & basil. Not sure the basil & coriander will make it through winter, but the price was right (yes, they were free…) so we put them in.

Seeds & seedlings

Sylvia is starting to plant seeds at home to bring to the garden in a month or so. Can anyone else help? We have quite a few containers for the seeds and a few seeds.

What we need is for everyone to grow some, so we have a good supply in the lead up to spring.

Next weekend we should have the containers at the garden for people to take home. If need be you can even take soil home to pot into. As we are still in the grip of winter, and I suspect we have a few frosts to come, starting the seeds off inside, or on the back porch would be a big help. The more seedlings we can get, the quicker we can get into the spring season.

Perhaps you know some one who isn’t the keen on digging gardens any more, but can raise some seedlings for us. Please ask around.

Get together – Wednesday 8 July 09

Like any good group we need to have a meeting. Each time I update the blog, I am sending an update email to about 20 people. It would be great to get everyone together. So…

Wednesday 8 July 09 at 7 pm at the community garden. Roi has promised to let us into the Police Station Just to go over the plan, what we want to achieve, and how we want to go about it. Please bring a plate of finger food to have with a cup of tea. I reckon we should take about an hour.

The compost bin update…

Updates on compost, not the most riveting update ever, but, thanks to Beth for dropping of a heap off coffee grounds for us to add to the compost mix. Since we started the bin it has starting doing its thing very nicely. If you have any kitchen scraps or garden waste you would like to add, feel free.

Next week.

See you all next week between 11 & 1pm at the garden.

Don’t forget to let your friends know about us, and maybe get them along.




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