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Spring is here…

September 14, 2009


Well, spring is here!

We would not get far without all the effort everyone has put into the garden.

Thanks for your time, labour & donations. Apart form all the digging and planting, we have also had donations of rakes, shovels, spades, seedlings, watering cans, coffee grounds, news papers & cardboard

The banana trees, basil & tomatoes seemed to have survived the late winter frosts and the peas & beans are really starting to make head way. Our potatoes are in, and were waiting for the frist sign of shoots.



Over the next few weeks we will need netting to cover the strawberries (yep, we have eaten the first one & it was great!). We are also on the lookout for a compost bin. Failing that does anyone have access to flute board that we can reuse?

Is there anything any one would like to learn in particular? We could try organise something if there is enough interest in a particular subject.

We are about to get a beehive… watch this space

As usual see you at 492 Te Atatu Rd from 11 till 1 on Sundays




m. 021 3000 67