Our garden in 2010

…it’s almost too late to wish a happy new year, but now while most of you are back from your summer holiday, the TAP Community Garden wishes everybody a happy, healthy 2010.

With the end of 2009 we pulled all our lovely garlic and dried it for several weeks. On a sunny Saturday morning we headed off to the local Market day.

Soon we were surrounded by all ‘local’ sellers & buyers with heaps of questions and lots of interested about our community project.

Thanks to everybody who made the morning so successful and donated plants, veggies, time or contributed in any way.

With our little earning, we managed to buy a few pieces for our irrigation/watering system.

Thanks to the locale “Hammer Hardware” store, who gave Tony the necessary discount for all the bits and pieces.

Tony,Bev, Lee and myself designed and started digging over the past few Sundays and we are almost finished.

If you do make it down to your garden during the week, feel free to turn the tap on for a few minutes.

Our next trip to the local Saturday market will be after our honey gets harvested. We will let you know closer to the date if you wish to join us at our stall.

For now,please save all your empty jam jars and either drop them off on Sundays or leave them at the garden shed door towards the end of the week.

We can use quite a few, as our little bee-friends have been extremely busy over the past few weeks.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday between 11 am-1 pm.


One Response to “Our garden in 2010”

  1. Chelsea robinson Says:

    hey there! i love this! i was head girl and rutherford college last year and in the run up to going to copenhagen i met brooke from ecomatters who told me you exsisted! you should totally link into the school and help facilitate a vege patch which they are looking into creating!
    check out my blog for my experiences in copenhagen during COP15
    Arohanui – chelsea

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